PCOS Food Swaps

PCOS friendly food swaps

PCOS is a condition where women go through a lot of hormonal imbalances, mood swings, etc. In such a condition, if you spend most of your time sitting at one place, such as using your PC, then it may pull a trigger which may impact your mental as well as physical health leaving you very tired.
Instead, it is advised to opt for physical activities such as a balanced workout routine, jogging, swimming, etc that would not only keep you active but also keep you healthy.

Apart from this, a healthy diet is also very important. Many people look for shortcuts when it comes to cooking, whereas some people always hunt for tasty dishes and end up eating junk. No matter how much physical activity you do, if you neglect your diet it will affect your health in some or the other way. So if you are wondering, is there any way in which you can have a PCOS-friendly diet without compromising on the taste? Well, the answer is YES!!

Here are some PCOS friendly food swaps you can try:

Opt for multigrain or brown bread over white bread.

Always go for seasonal fruits/fresh fruit juices over the many packaged juices available in the market.

If you love snacking, choose from the growing number of healthy brands that do not use preservatives and unhealthy additives. You can always eat roasted lotus seeds (makhana) with peanuts and guess what, no snack in the market can beat the taste and crunchiness of this.

Lastly, coming to drinks, say no to carbonated sugary drinks. Replace these with coconut water and replace ice cream shakes with buttermilk.

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