Procrastination is the act of putting off tasks or delaying your work until the very last minute or even past the deadline. Sounds familiar? It does to me, too! There have been so many times that I find myself procrastinating and to be totally honest, I have spent more time wondering about my reasons for procrastination than actually using up that time to complete my tasks!  Let me elaborate on what I’ve

Did you know that Skin Hunger exists and is related to our mental well-being?  Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It usually sends a signal to the brain which then interprets a particular touch as good or bad. When you engage in a pleasant touch, then our brain releases a hormone called oxytocin! So when you end up watching an adorable RomCom movie and end up feeling extremely

Gaslighting refers to the act of undermining someone else's reality and making them doubt their own sanity, memory and the events that occurred to them. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse, it is a form of manipulation that occurs in many types of relationships or friendships.  Here are some signs to recognized when you've been Gaslighted : - You feel more anxious and your confidence takes a big toll  - You end up

A one-sided relationship or unrequited love can be defined as a relationship that lacks balance and equal reciprocation from both ends. It's usually when one person tries to meet the other 90% of the way, while the other only makes 10% effort.  Unrequited love has been glamorized in our generation. Don't get me wrong, not every relationship is said to be one-sided but the fact that most of the people are

Ghosting is the practice of abruptly cutting off contact with someone, without giving them an actual explanation or reason for doing so. Why do people end up Ghosting? Ending relationships is not new but the tactics and strategies involved to "call a relationship/friendship off" can differ.  One of the common strategies is "Open confrontation" where partners usually confront one another and directly discuss the end of their relationship. The other very common strategy

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