About Us Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee November 29, 2021

1 in every 5 women in India suffers from PCOS

Diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid are now a common occurrence among Indian women in their thirties. Prevalence of such hormonal imbalances and a stressful lifestyle are making women search for alternatives that provide a holistic solution to these disorders. 

Fitbee is taking giant strides in the women’s nutrition and wellness space with our goal-oriented, crafted-for-women fitness routines, that promise to deliver sustainable results for the long term.

Not Just A Phase!

With the increasing demands of a fast-paced world, Fitbee understands the pressures a woman’s lifecycle is put through!

Different stages of life need differently tailored approaches and fitness plans. Fitbee is committed to serving you with the best suited solutions to your fitness needs

Our Story

Inspired by scores of personal stories from friends & family and taking a leaf out of their own experiences, Prathima and Avinash – a wife-and-husband duo from Hyderabad, India – embarked on a journey to make the world they inhabited a healthier, happier place! 

What started as a journey in 2017 is now a grander mission they live by every day, in the shape and form of Fitbee. 

Boldly venturing into a space that usually makes for uncomfortable conversations – especially for women, in India and across the world – Fitbee is focused on getting women to think of fitness from an early age, and break those shackles & stereotypes that surround women’s health issues! 

Medical Advisory Team

Dr. Sujata Rajamani

HOD Of Psychology department, KIMS hospital; Counselor at Indian Airforce

Dr. Havya Polavarapu

MBBS, MS (OBGY), ICOG (Fellowship in Gynecology Endoscopy), Obstetrician and Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Nagamani Dandamudi

MD, Internal, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine

Newsroom – Press & Media Features

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