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Bridal Bootcamp

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3 Months
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6 Weeks
2990 including GST

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Your big day is approaching, and the wedding planning is in full-swing – you’ve picked out your lehenga, you’re sorting songs for the Sangeet, deciding on your jewellery, sampling the menu! As a multi-tasker bride, there are scores of little things to take care of – is one of them getting on a pre-wedding nutrition plan and workout regimen?

While every bride’s body-type and fitness goal vary – some of you looking to shed a few extra kilos, others to wholly tone their body and rejuvenate their skin – our Bridal Bootcamp is perfectly curated to bring you the best results (but we want your sweat in return!).

“Look best, feel best on your grand day!”

What you get?

  • Custom Workout videos
  • Personalised Diet chart
  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Trainer consultation
  • Chat support
  • Trackers

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*No refunds as this is a downloadable product

Personalised Diet Plan 

  • Diet is 100% personalised to your goals, likes, lifestyle and timings
  • 2 iterations can be made to the diet chart
  • Diet charts are also provided for specific medical conditions and festivals, including periods of fasting

Training Plan

  • Curated workout program with pre-recorded specialised videos for each day of the week
  • Workouts performed by Michelle, trainer from Florida, USA
  • Live workout sessions over Zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 
  • Live workouts are a closed group session for women only (Trainers may vary)

Support and Feedback

  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Trainer consultation (upon request)
  • Chat support
  • Nutrition tracker to keep you on track
  • Weight and measurement tracker to measure your progress every week

1. How will this plan be helpful?
This plan will help you achieve your goals with a series of fun workouts. The workouts will help you get into great shape for your big day.

2. Is this plan made for Brides?
Yes, this plan had been primarily designed for all the brides and her friends/family who are looking to lose weight quickly and in a healthy way. This bridal bootcamp will help you look amazing on the day of your wedding.

3. Does this plan focus only on toning?
This plan is suitable for quick weight loss, fat loss and complete body toning.

4. What support will I get from your side?
You will have your very own Fitbee Buddy who will be there by your side throughout your fitness journey. The buddy will support, motivate and help you out at any time.

5. What equipment is required for the workouts?
You will need a pair of dumbbells and an aerobic stepper to perform the workouts. In case you do not have these at home, we will guide you further for substitutes.

6. How will you help me out for my diet?
Upon signing up, a dietitian will be allocated to you. The dietitian will design a personalised diet chart and also track your eating habits through the nutrition tracker provided.

7. Can I get in touch with my coach and dietitian?
Yes, you will get to have consultation calls with your trainer as well as your e during the plan. They will also be available on chat to answer any questions you may have.

8. How will the coach check my progress?
The coach will be tracking your progress through the weight and measurement tracker provided. Your coach will be in touch with you and guide you on areas where you can improve.

9. Will there be any extra charges for the consultation calls?
No, you do not have to pay extra for the consultation calls. There is no additional cost to be made.

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6 Weeks, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months

15 reviews for Bridal Bootcamp

  1. Dr Shalini

    I love this program. Michelle’s videos are so amazing. The personalised plan along with it kept my face glowing for the wedding. I am glad I ran into Fitbee in instagram

  2. Pooja

    I just loved the way this bridal bootcamp program has been planned. I got so many compliments during my wedding and all thanks to Fitbee! Please continue helping all other women and do what you do best.

  3. Akshata

    The bridal bootcamp is designed in such a way, that’s feasible and easy to follow and helps in making women look fit just before the wedding.

  4. Sonia

    Great agenda by Fitbee to start a program like this!
    I loved the way the team collaborated with me during my tenure of the program.
    Thank you Fitbee

  5. Maduri

    Superb plan for women looking to tone their body and Loose weight as well!

  6. Geetha

    Awesome plan which is designed by Michelle and then the way the team collaborated to help me reach my goal is superb!!

  7. Radhika

    It’s a super effective 6 week program which helps you get fit in a healthy manner.

  8. Ambily

    An awesome workout program which engages all the muscle groups and very effective for weight loss & body toning. Keep up the good work Team Fitbee!

  9. Ramya (verified owner)

    It’s a great experience with fitbee , the workouts are really good which concentrates on weight loss and strengthen as well. Lost few kilos with the fitbee plans and felt good when everyone started noticing it.

  10. Dr Apurva Thakur (PT) (verified owner)

    I joined Fitbee club very casually , over three week period of time I have realised it’s not just about fitness but its also healthy community if people helping each other not just physically but as well as mentally .
    I loved the Dietition part the most as they are more of like your friend , u can pop up the question n they respond anytime.
    Being part of Fitbee has lead time me to have a very healthy relationship with my food and my body work .
    All the very best to the whole team …. You guys are amazing 💜

  11. Tania (verified owner)

    Hands down, best choice I’ve made training wtih Fitbee. Joined the 6 week Bridal Bootcamp with an intention of losing weight and getting fit before my big day. Fitbee has been awesome to me. Their trainers, my buddy and the dietician are exceptional, the overall vibe is great and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. Team Fitbee is super nice and they take an interest in you no matter what fitness level you’re at. The workouts are fun, the fellow members are inspiring and the workouts led by trainers give hands on instant feedback and adjustments during the workouts and just the right amount of encouragement. They know exactly how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your workouts. You will not leave disappointed! I definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

  12. Mamta (verified owner)

    I had joined this plan for weight loss and it’s still ongoing, I feel that the buddies and the nutritionist assigned are really supportive and the live workout sessions are also very helpful and engaging.

  13. Shiji Varghese (verified owner)

    Fitbee is really amazing. Fot those of you who need a kickstart on yr fitness/weightloss journey then Fitbee is the place. The program is designed in such a way that it will eventually help you contemplate your lifestyle choices which is the most important for any fitness journey.

  14. Pranki Sharma (verified owner)

    This plan was effective especially live workouts …the way they keep track of everything your diet excercise weekly measurements give right direction to weight lose journey

  15. Gufrana (verified owner)

    Had an amazing journey with these people. Infact opted for another plan too.
    They r humble and polite. They understand our prblms n provide quick responses.

    The best part about fitbee is that they are always positive. They never provide u negative feedback or dishearten u even though u don’t follow it pprly. They keep motivating you in every possible way.

    U need not have to invest much too. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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