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PCOS/PCOD is not a lifelong condition but a lifestyle disorder! Contrary to popular opinion, PCOS / PCOD conditions can be managed, especially if diagnosed early in life!

If you have been diagnosed by a medical professional, our fitness plan can put you on a trajectory to good physical health and emotional wellbeing! It will equip you with a workout regimen and nutrition plan that will enable you to manage your condition better and relieve you of the stress that comes with it!

What you get?

  • Custom PCOS/PCOD Workout videos
  • Personalised Diet chart
  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Trainer consultation on request
  • Chat support
  • Trackers

For more details about the plan, please scroll down!

*No refunds as this is a downloadable product

Personalised Diet Plan 

  • Diet plan is 100% personalised to your goals, likes, lifestyle and timings
  • 2 iterations can be made to the diet chart
  • Diet charts are also provided for specific medical conditions and festivals, including periods of fasting

Training Plan

  • Customised PCOS/PCOD specific workout programs with videos for each day of the week 

Support and Feedback

  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Gynaecologist consultation on request
  • Trainer consultation on request
  • Chat support
  • Nutrition tracker to keep you on track
  • Weight and measurement tracker to measure your progress every week

1. How will this plan benefit me for PCOS/PCOD?
This plan has been designed by Fitbee in partnership with gynaecologists from a leading hospital for all women fighting PCOS/PCOD. It will help you adapt healthy habits which is your first step to give amazing improvements.

2. How much time will I have to dedicate for the workouts?
Our workouts need 30 minutes of your time each day. These workouts will help you build stamina, balance and also help you with fat loss.

3. What equipment is required for the workouts?
You will need a pair of dumbbells and a jump (skipping) rope. In case you do not have these at home, we will guide you further for the substitutes.

4. What support will I get from your side?
You will have your very own Fitbee Buddy who will be there by your side throughout your fitness journey. Your buddy will support, motivate and help you out at any time.

5. Who can I discuss my nutrition queries with?
Upon signing up, a dietitian will be allocated to you. The dietitian will design a personalised diet chart and also track your eating habits through the nutrition tracker provided.

6. Will I get to connect with the trainer when required?
Yes, we will schedule calls for you with the trainer whenever required on request. The trainer will guide you and give tips to improve and challenge yourself more.

7. Can I enroll again after completion of this plan?
Yes, you can further subscribe to Part 2 of the plan after you have completed this plan.

8. Will I get a nutrition chart based on my requirements?
Yes, you will get a complete helpful nutrition guide along with a sample diet chart which you can refer to. The dietitian will also help you with your personal requirements.

9. What all can I achieve with the help of this plan?
This plan will guide you and help you gain correct nutrition knowledge which will help you in the long run. You will be able to develop healthy habits and transform yourself into a stronger and fitter person.

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2 Weeks Trial, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months

53 reviews for PCOD/PCOS Plan

  1. Swathi

    After I started this plan I got my period within 2 weeks. It feels so good to just feel normal again.

  2. Divya

    Thanks to Fitbee as I’ve had a great journey with them all along. They have helped me get myself into the fitness routine, all my hormones are in balance and they helped me gain my confidence back💪🏻💪🏻

  3. Manasa

    This plan is amazing, it has helped me normal my condition and also got me fit as well

  4. Arfa

    I’m so grateful to Fitbee!
    It’s because of them, my PCOS has been conditioned and I feel more confident than ever

  5. Swathi

    Fitbee helped me with my medical condition with workout, diet and made me confident in my life.

  6. Sowmya (verified owner)

    I started PCOS plan 3 weeks ago. After following the nutrition plan and regular exercises I’m happy to see a big change in me. Thanks to Fitbee team. 😊😊

  7. Padma

    The team is superb and they have helped me reach my fitness goals in a very healthy manner.
    I just love the program.

  8. Geetha

    Loved this program!! It’s very structured and planned to get ourselves fit and healthy.

  9. Aakriti Aggarwal (verified owner)

    Had a great exprience with the program. Wonderful

  10. Sowmya (verified owner)

    I have completed this plan. It was a great experience. I can feel the huge change in me. Thanks to Fitbee team. 😊

  11. Priya Ramchandani

    This plan helped me realize how even though we believe we make fit choices, consistency is key. To break habits that won’t work for us and self discipline is something I’m taking away after completing this plan! Thank you Fitbee

  12. Heera.S (verified owner)

    I really wanted a motivation to keep myself physically active and fitbee is the one and only…its been 4 weeks and i m doing regular workouts…i have fought through my depression because of regular exercise…thanks to the fitbee team

  13. Priya Ravuri (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this 6week course, it was very informative and easy to follow and it’s been 5 weeks & I was able to lose my weight bit by bit by an enhanced understanding of my calorie intake. A big thanks to fitbee & team.

  14. Ruhani Nandwani (verified owner)

    The plan is really amazing. I lost 4 kgs in 6 weeks with visible Change in my appearance. I lost inches from thigh area which I couldn’t till now . I got my periods on time . My skin also improved . No new acnes after starting the diet . Also people compliment me for the glow on my face . The exercise sessions are very helpful . Overall , the plan was very good . I liked it a lot. A must go for reducing pcod symptoms in less time .

  15. Deepali Agarwal

    It is very difficult to lose weight with PCOD if you don’t have that consistency. And I had a hard time sticking to my diet before because of cravings. But after joining this session, it helped me a lot. I got control of my cravings. I have proper nutrition and I no longer feel dieting and workout as something “I need to do”. They have become a part of my lifestyle. Thanks to the Fitbee team. You guys doing a great job.

  16. Aditi verma

    So i tried every but of it from cult to every dietician.
    Then saw this plan fitbee
    I think my best decision till date.
    In medical profession it gets difficult to take time for urself.
    From 89.1 to 82.1 in 1.5 months with pcos really made me happy
    I had to join the phase 2 of this amazing platform.
    Looking forward to this ins

  17. Tejasri (verified owner)

    I have been following fitbee PCOD plan for 5 weeks now. And I feel that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I lost almost 5 kgs in just 5 weeks. Its definitely a great start for me towards my healthy and fit life. Thanks fitbee for coming up with such an amazing plan and helping people like us a lot. Finally thank you my nutritionist & dietician, and my fitbee buddy for looking up to me and encouraging me🤗♥️

  18. Dharshini (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I am into Healthy Lifestyle 🥰

    I have started the journey with 83 kgs – now I am 78.7kgs – Nearly 4 kgs, that too by eating the white rice, sambar and some cheat meals too. There are some inches lost too and feel light and active!!!

    Thank you so much, Prathima Mam for the great initiative for helping the womens and make them to feel healthy and beautiful!! Special thanks to my dietitian Vaishnavi and my Fitbee buddy your motivations made me to jump into healthy lifestyle.

  19. Yashvi Khandelwal (verified owner)

    I feel much energetic than before, sleep for good 8hrs, wake up fresh, feels veryy light 🔥
    Also i can see a visible change in my body, my face was very heavy before but now it’s very light, also bcoz of good and healthy diet i’m having no breakouts on my face 💛

    I’m extremely happy and grateful to you guyz, PCOS was a major tension to me but now it seems that it’s getting reversed 🔥

  20. Dande Bhavani

    It was really a great day to me
    After so many struggles
    I got my periods naturally today with out any medications and struggles with hospitals
    And also I lost 5 kgs in just 1 month
    Before I joined fitbee I was 57.1
    And now I’m 52 kgs
    And fitbee team have motivated me very much totally my life was changed with good foods and now I know how to maintain and balance food and workouts
    It’s amazing
    And my dear ladies who are suffering with pcod /pcos without any second option just go for it
    100% result

  21. Deepthi

    I’m so happy by the results like literally I cannot express those in words fitbee has helped me a lot I used to have irregular periods like it used to be due for 6 -8 months after with the the guidance of fitbee team my periods are on regular time and even it cured my anxiety and stress 😃 and even I see lot of good changes in me . Thank you fitbee 😃

  22. Shivani (verified owner)

    Very effective workout and weight loss I also see the changes in my symptoms of pcod to be managed।

  23. Shivani (verified owner)

    I lost 5 kgs i n 1 .month I love to be a part of fitbee .

  24. Kavi (verified owner)

    I started with PCOS plan and it really worked.. I lost weight and now I’m continuing with 3 months plan..I thank the whole team for guiding me well.. Thanks Sania!!!

  25. Monisha (verified owner)

    Thanks to fitbee for helping me understand my body better. Thanks to the dietitian who keeps track of my diet and encouraging me to push further.. Also the live work out sessions were fun. Altogether the 6 weeks plan was a great experience for me, as I was able to shed 4kgs in a month and I got back my cycle naturally without any pills after very long time.. Thanks again FITBEE

  26. Pooja Sadhu (verified owner)

    Signing on for this program was one of the best decision I have ever made. Not only I lost weight while struggling with pcod, I also developed healthy habits for longterm. I will be forever grateful to fitbee team and special thanks to my buddy Sania ❤.. She is the one who kept me on during my whole program and motivated me at every point.

  27. Mansa

    I have been diagnosed with pcos few years back and the only advice I heard was lose weight, stop eating ,everything will be fine. I have tried those fad diets ,extreme hiit workouts, spent hours in the gym only to be criticised that I am lazy or not trying enough to lose weight.
    And all of it has only aggravated my hormonal disorder.I have struggled with quickfix diets , unrealistic weight loss programmes and constant body shaming for an endocrinal issue.

    I decided that I will have to do something to put my body first rather than listening to people’s opinions.

    I came across fit.bee’s programmes and the team there were very patient with all my queries and doubts.

    Everyone around me mocked me that it is going to be another failed new year resolution.

    My family and the fit.bee team were the only ones who believed that I will reverse my pcos.

    Associating myself with fitbee was the best decision of my life. They totally understand the root cause of the health issue and make customised plans catering to your body, unlike others where its a one size fits all.

    My dietitian, my personalised buddy and my sports coach, monitor my progress and motivate me to do better. I feel accountable to them.

    Now its been 11 weeks into my journey with Fit.bee and I am definitely a changed person. I know how diet and workout go together.
    Earlier I would crave for junk food as a coping mechanism, binge on sugar and then avoid workout.But now I have a weekly plan which changes after every two weeks based on my previous week’s progress. In addition to the workouts , the founders themselves take online sessions at different timings.

    I have lost 5kgs and 1.5 inches without any restrictive sort of diet and without those aggressive athlete level workouts.

    I feel energetic ,happy (after many many years) , my skin has got a new glow and i can say those acne breakouts have also stopped. My body is healing both mentally and physically.

    I would love to thank the Fitbee team for being extremely supportive and making me believe in myself again.

  28. Dr Pragya Sankhala

    When I joined fitbee I was searching for some genuine program or training sessions which can actually work for my PCOD and after joining it and starting with sessions I realised how just simple exercises can work for me and instead of doing hours of workout just one or two sets can work for me… Also instead of draining my body for pushing limits could be so stupid… Instead just simple things can show such drastic change

    With fitbee I learnt how to embrace my body in a more loving and kind way.

    Joining fitbee was a bench thing in my PCOD journey…

    Though I am a good person with diet stuff but work out routine is what I love the most and tries to be as consistent as possible

  29. Harsh Virk

    I’m really very thankful to Fitbee. The team is very supportive and motivating. They keeps track of my diet and workout which always encourage me to improve every time. I see results in few weeks and thanks to all team for helping me living a good and healthy life.

  30. Ruhani Nandwani (verified owner)

    It’s been two weeks only I am following the pcod plan and I can already see the difference. I got my periods on time this month after 3 months. Glowing skin, less cramps and mood swings , I feel happy to be their client. Looking forward to a complete transformation of mine with their help.

  31. Khushi Arora

    My journey has been great and my dietician is parul , she is amazing and her diet actually works for me so that has been a plus point in my journey and i look forward to an even better transformation!

  32. Anwasha Bisoi

    Thanku for guiding me a better way and diet plan is aswome. It’s very suitable for me.

  33. Rashida (verified owner)

    A great team with an organised way helped me to loose weight…dietician parul is amazing..thank u fitbee team for all ur support & motivation

  34. Maithilee Jani

    Love it. Keeps motivated and enthusiastic. No hard core crash diets but sustainable well maintained plan. Consultations available at ease. Getting fit and healthy

  35. Noushin (verified owner)

    Fitbee helped me a lot to my PCOD with workout, diet and made me confident in my life.

  36. Haspinder Kaur (verified owner)

    Loved this program!💕

    Helped me reach my fitness goals in a very healthy manner. ☺️

  37. Haspinder Kaur (verified owner)

    I loved this program!💕

    Team is superb and had helped me reach my goals

  38. Iram

    After joining fitbee, I started mindful
    Eating over binge eating. I am so grateful to Shakshi to have addressed my concerns and for making a diet that is easy to follow while handling a baby. She is always available to answer my diet related questions.
    I hope to loose all my pregnancy weight and acheive my target soon.

  39. Sukhanya N (verified owner)

    First of all: I took 6weeks PCOD plan where they assigned me a specific dietitian (Vaishnavi). She was very sweet and helped me with a superb diet chart with food available at my office. Within 2weeks I reduced around 2.5kgs with diet plans and workout videos provided by them. That definitely worked so well for me and made a big difference in my body shaping and specially reduced a lot of facial fat

    Secondly, I got to discuss about my condition with very good gynaecologist(Dr Havya) where she took all informations from me and asked me to take some tests and helped me with the medications accordingly. I got a better understanding of my own body and health.

    This Indeed made a big difference in changing my mindset about lifestyle that I love to carry forward. Can’t thank them enough, love love to you all guys❤️

  40. Rishita Thakur (verified owner)

    As soon as i started this pcos program i lost inches i got my period on time after 4 months. I lost 2 kgs in one month. It was worth it and I’m very happy.

  41. Pooja (verified owner)

    After starting my journey with fitbee, I learnt the proper way of eating. Kudos to Shakshi who have guided me throughout my journey. She has clarified all my queries and doubts related to diet plan. managed to lose my weight in healthy way .Thanks Fitbee team!!

  42. Rishita Thakur (verified owner)

    As soon as I started pcos program i lost inches in 2 weeks only. I got my period exactly on time after 4 months. I lost 2 kgs in 1 month. Overall i feel very happy and it was all worth it.

  43. Pooja (verified owner)

    Thanks Fitbee team for your help in managing my weight. Kudos to Shakshi who addressed all my queries related to diet plan. Will definitely recommends fitbee to my relatives and friends!!!!!!

  44. Janki (verified owner)

    Really love how they help you maintain your routine and still understand the responsibilities you have in your everyday life and help your accordingly. Shakshi helped so much with the encouragement I needed to follow the diet plan. Will recommend Fitbee to my friends and family for sure.

  45. Aiswarya Viswan

    I have joined in fitbee for 6 weeks plan just for trial . Trust me ,it really make us to understand the importance of being healthy in busy day today life .can get many valuable info about health , calories ,food intakes .I lost 3 kgs in a healthy way with help of dietitian . Trainers also amazing , would like to continue journey with them

  46. Keerthana (verified owner)

    I started with 3 months PCOD/PCOD plan with Fitbee. I just loved the program. My periods got regularised in a healthy way. I lost weight with PCOD/PCOS with healthy diet plans and workouts. I could see a huge difference in me and I feel confident about myself now. I feel very happy that I have managed my PCOD/PCOS in a healthy way.
    This is all possible only by the continuous effort and guidance by the team fitbee. Dietician had a constant check on what I eat, my water intake etc., which helped me throughout this program.
    I have progressed to a healthy lifestyle now.
    Thank you Fitbee for constant support and guidance!!

  47. Abhidnya (verified owner)

    Joining the team was the best decision i ever made …not just it helped me loosing my weight but also helped me with my mood swings and all the negative energy
    Constant support from the dietician and personal trainer made me believe even though this journey is difficult but it is also beautiful 💗

  48. nida khan (verified owner)

    The only regret i’ve is not finding FITBEE before when I was struggling.
    now it’s been a month and i’ve seen great changes in me. Mentally and Physically.
    Ms. Parul is one of the people who helped me in my pcos journey. she helped me with my diet, workout and kept me motivated.
    i could see the changes in my skin, felt light weight, not exhausted all day.
    The whole team of FITBEE has made a great impact on me. I wish to learn more about my body and what it needs from them.

  49. Diya Philip (verified owner)

    Before I started Fitbee ,I was totally confused as to why my body felt bloated or I was putting on weight all of a sudden and why I have been having prolonged spotting and irregular periods …That’s when I came to Fitbee for a better clarity and I am immensely grateful to the entire Fitbee team for guiding and encouraging me every step of the way to make healthier lifestyle choices for my body with respect to my diet and exercises…
    Fitbee helped me completely stop my spotting, bloating and help loose weight. I can now confidently go forward knowing what best suits my body and make better lifestyle choices for myself and my family.

  50. Diya Philip (verified owner)

    So glad I found the FITBEE team on insta 🥰- “Better late than never”!!!

    Before Fitbee I was totally confused as to why my body had been experiencing bloating ,unexplainable weight gain, irregular periods and continuous spotting every single day …
    Thanks to the entire Fitbee team for guiding me with my customized diet plans and exercise routines…
    It’s a wonder how my spotting completely stopped in a matter of a month,periods have normalised,feel much less bloated and I have lost weight just by making healthier lifestyle choices…

    THANKYOU FITBEE for helping so many women like me worldwide and making a difference in our lives …🥰❤️

  51. Vidya

    Just 1 month completed in this pcos journey but can see changes in my body thanks fitbee for continues support

  52. Zahria Williams (verified owner)

    I had a great experience with Fitbee. I got diagnosed this year with PCOS and felt horrible. I joined this program in hopes of feeling better and losing weight. I had support along the way with fitbee and it was great! I followed the diet plan and exercised and I was able to lose weight! It was nice having someone who understands nutrition for PCOS and makes changes to the diet plan when needed. I’m grateful I did this journey and you should too! Soooo worth the money.

  53. Bushra (verified owner)

    Did the one month plan with them. Loved the team, were very supportive and helpful. Definitely going to continue with them soon.

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