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Hypothyroidism Plan

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Let’s NOT allow the Hormones to control us, Let us control the Hormones! Easier said than done, but Fitbee is here to help you through the process.

Hypothyroidism, when diagnosed early, can be controlled through a strong and strict fitness regime. Our specific plan for this condition can enable you to achieve good physical and emotional well-being, as it will put you on a workout rigour as well as a nutrition chart designed to suit your preferences.

What you get?

  • Custom Workout videos
  • Personalised Diet chart
  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Trainer consultation on request
  • Chat support
  • Trackers

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*No refunds as this is a downloadable product

Personalised Diet Plan 

  • Diet plan is 100% personalised to your goals, likes, lifestyle and timings
  • 1 iteration can be made to the diet chart
  • Diet charts are also provided for specific medical conditions and festivals, including periods of fasting

Training Plan 

  • Customised post-natal specific workout program with videos for each day of the week

Support and Feedback

  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation.
  • Gynaecologist consultation on request
  • Trainer consultation on request
  • Chat support.
  • Nutrition tracker to keep you on track
  • Weight and measurement tracker to measure your progress every week

1. How will this plan benefit me?
This is a customised plan designed for women who wants to develop a healthy lifestyle. You will focus on weight loss, fat loss and toning your body.

2. Will I be able to perform the HIIT Workouts?
The workouts are created for women who have worked out before and also for those who have never worked out before. Its suitable for all fitness levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

3. What support will I get from your side?
You will have your very own Fitbee Buddy who will be there by your side throughout your fitness journey. Your Fitbee buddy will support you, motivate you and help you out at any time.

4. Will there be a trainer for me?
A trainer with over 10 years of experience will be there for you and will be tracking your progress along with giving you tips for improvement.

5. How will I be helped for my diet in this plan?
A complete nutrition guide will be provided to you along with a nutrition tracker to track your daily eating habits.

6. Will I get a chance to connect with the dietitian?
Yes, you will get to have consultation calls with your dietitian who will also guide you and give you feedback on areas you can improve.

7. What to do if I fall sick and cannot continue?
If you fall sick and cannot continue, we will pause the plan for you and you can resume it when you recover.

8. Will I be provided with ready to eat meals?
We do not send out ready to eat meals but we do provide you with healthy bonus recipes which you can cook and relish on.

9. What guarantee are you giving on how much weight I can lose?
Transformation for each person varies. We have helped over 1500 clients to get fit and healthy. Our general average ranges anywhere between 3-8 kgs in 4 weeks. The plan has been designed to give the best possible results.

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1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months

12 reviews for Hypothyroidism Plan

  1. Ferzeen

    Want the best results of weight loss within a month

  2. Aruna

    Amazing plan! It definitely works

  3. Yasmine

    I took this plan two months back. I enjoyed working out and also the diet as it had all my favourite dishes. I didn’t put on even after stopping the plan

  4. Varshini

    I took this plan fr 4 weeks initially. I really enjoyed the workout and could eat all my fav food but on crt consistency. It really works

  5. Saatvika

    This 4 week plan changed my lifestyle where I take some time to take care of my body by having healthier food options and actually just because of this plan only I have started my workouts and could see progress, I’m happy with this change.

  6. Mahima

    I had gained quick kilos during lockdown and me being 21 years old wanted a plan to get back into shape and gain my confidence back. This 4 week plan helped me with my fitness journey and helped me loose the extra kilos I had gained before.
    Thank you Fitbee!

  7. Supriya

    The program is fantastic, it helped me loose those extra kilos which I gained in a short span of time

  8. Shravya

    I wanted to try out a program to start my fitness journey and here I am, finished with this amazing 4 week plan which helped get myself into the fitness routine.

  9. Sinchana

    Amazing plan! I feel great and motivated when I hear people saying they can see the difference. I can even see difference in measurements.
    I had tried a couple of things before, like working out from home and at gym and it didn’t work.
    So I feel that FITBEE 4 week plan helped me to achieve something in a month that I couldn’t achieve in 3-4 months ! 😁
    And the recipes are great as well. They’re tasty and healthy. People should definitely go for it!

  10. Bhavna

    Amazing alternative to someone who wants to try a plan before starting the 12 week plan! Thank you Fitbee for bringing that confidence back in me.

  11. Supriya (verified owner)

    This comprises of best combinations of workout and nutrition. Another advantage of the plan is continuous support from the fitbee buddy and dietician (in love with my buddy and dietician). Live workout sessions gives great motivation. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your meals and healthy habits. This is a must try plan.

  12. Nazneen Khan (verified owner)

    Fitbee team is excellent at their work. Understanding Personal needs and lifestyle is where they excel. The workouts programmed in a way accommodate your timings and your health issue.
    Special mention of my dietician Vaishnavi who not only understood my pcod diet preferences and helped me in reducing my weight but also I got pregnant !! Wohooo
    Thank you team fitbee
    Keep up the good work

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