Mind & Body Transformation PlanAvinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, FitbeeDecember 27, 2022November 29, 2023

Mind & Body Transformation Plan

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The mind and body health are important and interlinked. Give equal importance to both and work on improving your physical and emotional health together. It is important that we try our best to acquire a healthy lifestyle to maintain a healthy mind and body to live a happy and stress free life.

This plan will help you transform yourself into the best version of yourself by helping you grow stronger physically as well as emotionally. More importantly you will develop healthy habits, build self-confidence and will start loving yourself even more.

What you get?

  • Training plan 
  • Personalised diet chart 
  • Emotional Wellness Sessions (3 sessions included)
  • Weekly one-on-one diet consultation
  • Chat Support 
  • Trackers (Progress tracker, Nutrition tracker, Habit tracker, Mood tracker)

No refunds as this is a downloadable product

Personalised Diet Plan

  • Diet plan is 100% personalised to your goal, likes, lifestyle and timings
  • Customised diet plan which will help in overall well being 

Training Plan

  • Workout plan with pre-recorded videos 

Support & Feedback

  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Emotional wellness session with experienced therapist whose fields of experience lies in marital counselling, relationship counselling, trauma leading to challenges in adult life and anxiety.
  • Chat Support 
  • Nutrition tracker to keep you on track 
  • Weight and Measurement tracker to measure your progress every week
  • Habit tracker, Mood tracker and Self-care checklist chart
  • Assignments provided by therapist 
  • Trainer consultation on request

1. How will this plan help me?

This plan will help you adapt into a healthy lifestyle along with improving your physical and mental health.


2. Will I get a chance to connect with a Dietitian?

Yes, you will get to have consultation calls with your dietitian who will also guide you and give you feedback on areas you can improve.


3. Will I get to connect with the trainer if I am having difficulties with the exercise?

Yes, a trainer with over 10 years of experience will be there to assist you with your difficulties and will guide you through.


4. Are the emotional wellness sessions confidential?

Yes, the therapist will maintain complete confidentiality and your privacy will be strictly protected.


5. What support will I get from your side?

Our team will be available to guide you whenever you have any difficulty with anything. Chat support is provided to discuss your queries with the team.


6. Will I be able to lose weight as well with this plan?

Yes, this plan is suitable for weight loss, fat loss and full body toning.


7. What guarantee are you giving on how much weight I can lose?

Transformation for each person varies. We have helped over 12000 clients to get fit and healthy. Our general average ranges anywhere between 3-8 kgs in 4 weeks. The plan has been designed to give the best possible results.


8. What can I achieve by the end of this plan?

This plan will help you become the best version of yourself. You will be able to develop healthy habits and transform yourself into a stronger and fitter person.


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