Why do we always extend warm hugs and provide comfort to our close friends in need, but end up getting angry at ourselves or end up questioning the negative feelings time and again. Do you also find yourself struggling with this? Compassion is extending love and building a safe space for someone who is having a rough time mentally or emotionally and when we extend the same compassion towards ourselves, it

Healing has never been an "end goal" or the end of a particular process or journey, but it has always felt like the waves of an ocean, rising up, moving forward, splashing amongst themselves, losing their motion and rising again!  Healing is never linear. It is always juggling between our fears and acceptance, with loads of peaks and valleys.  Signs that you are Healing  First of all, Healing hurts. It is not always

What exactly is being Vulnerable or the state of Vulnerability?  Have you noticed a tiger slowly creeping up from behind the bushes, waiting to attack the deer, who is happily drinking water, without any care in the world? The moment when the tiger pounces forward, the deer feels extremely hopeless, helpless and tries its best to run in order to protect itself from the attack. That is the state of being

We need to keep our immune system strong especially during the ongoing pandemic.  Here are some ways you can boost your immune system. 1. Get up early but after adequate sleep  Waking up early means leaving your bed between 5 am to 6 am during summers and between 6 am to 7 am during winters. But, waking up early also does not mean that you cut down on your sleep and compromise your

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