Blog Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee February 6, 2020


  • PCOS and irregular periods
    PCOS and irregular periods
    Missed your periods? Beware, it can be a symptom of PCOS!  Missing periods is like missing a heartbeat. Experts say that one of the common symptoms of PCOS is irregular...
  • Indian Meal Planning for PCOS Weight Loss
    Indian Meal Planning for PCOS Weight Loss
    Did you know meal planning is one of the effective ways to manage your PCOS? Read to know the effective and most recommended diet plan for women with PCOS.   Small...
  • Women suffering from PCOS pain
    Can PCOS be treated?
    If questions about PCOS keep haunting you, do not worry, you are not alone. According to PMC- NCBI, around 4%- 20% of women of reproductive age are affected with PCOS...
  • Unmasking the truth of people pleasers
    Unmasking the truth of People pleasers!
    It doesn't sound bad, when all you're trying to do is be nice to people and bring them happiness, right? But, people-pleasing goes way beyond just simply being kind to...
  • Perfection
    Obsession with Perfectionism!
    Perfectionism is the need to achieve or the need to be perfect constantly. It is viewed more as a positive trait, rather than seeing it as a flaw and people...
  • Rise of Toxic positivity
    Rise of Toxic Positivity!
    Have you ever heard someone say "Don't be upset, think positively!" Or "Why are you hurt? See the bright side.." whenever you're sharing an upsetting story, or being vulnerable and...
  • social anxiety
    Struggling with Social Anxiety?
    Have you ever felt uncomfortable or filled with fear in a social situation? Have you cancelled your plans at the end moment because you don't want to see many faces...
  • Rise of FOMO
    Rise of FOMO! (Fear of Missing Out)
    It feels late in the evening, where you're winding up your work and you end up scrolling on your social media, feeling a little restless, anxious and bored.  You see...
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