Gaslighting Prathima Koppolu August 7, 2021

Gaslighting refers to the act of undermining someone else’s reality and making them doubt their own sanity, memory and the events that occurred to them.

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse, it is a form of manipulation that occurs in many types of relationships or friendships. 

Here are some signs to recognized when you’ve been Gaslighted :

– You feel more anxious and your confidence takes a big toll 

– You end up apologizing a lot and start doubting yourself 

– You always think that it’s your fault when things go wrong 

– You no longer feel like the person you used to be

– You find it really difficult to make decisions in your life 

– You feel isolated from your close friends and family 

People who gaslight usually end up pushing your boundaries, manipulating you, disrespecting you and your opinions and moreover make you doubt yourself. They usually push your buttons by targeting your insecurities.

Here’s what can help if you encounter someone who is constantly Gaslighting you: 

– Try decoding and understanding the relationship or friendship dynamics. Recognizing the problem is the first step! 

– Give yourself space to feel all your feelings, even though they’re uncomfortable and difficult. Try to acknowledge them all.

– Try reaching out to someone you trust. Having some support to see the situation from a third perspective can help you maintain your sanity

– Try extending compassion towards yourself. It is important to be kind while you’re going through a harsh time like this.

– Try to listen to your instincts! Your instincts, your gut will never lie to you, so remember to trust yourself.

It is important to distinguish Gaslighting from someone who is sensitive or someone who disagrees with you, which is considered healthy. One way to distinguish between the two is that when someone gaslights you, it’s mostly a one sided conversation, where the other one is constantly demeaning and insulting you while you’re always listening and doubting yourself.

If you feel you’ve been gaslighted by someone, then you should trust yourself and try to reach out to your family or either a professional who can help you deal with this situation. Hope you remember that you deserve a safe space and genuine people who uplift you. 

Have a lovely day today!

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