Ways to track your healing! Prathima Koppolu July 31, 2021

Ways to track your healing!

Healing has never been an “end goal” or the end of a particular process or journey, but it has always felt like the waves of an ocean, rising up, moving forward, splashing amongst themselves, losing their motion and rising again! 

Healing is never linear. It is always juggling between our fears and acceptance, with loads of peaks and valleys. 

Signs that you are Healing 

First of all, Healing hurts. It is not always sunshine and roses! With that being said, the only way to go through it is by actually “growing” through it. Yes, hard times are definitely uncomfortable and really miserable but in those times is exactly where Growth really lies. 

Here are some signs that you may feel when you’re healing :

  • You do not have an “emotional” outburst to the same situations.
  • You base your reasoning more towards the logical side, than getting carried away by your emotions. 
  • You build more resilience, which in turn brings more faith that you can get through tough situations.
  • You build healthy boundaries, not only for others but for yourself as well, without feeling guilty. 
  • You’re much less sensitive to rejections and things that are not meant for you.
  • You begin to yourself as a whole, worthy of all things. 

There is always more healing, more gratitude, more forgiveness, more compassion, more empathy and more letting go that will come your way, but all you can do is, open your arms and welcome all emotions warmly as they are all passengers in this journey! 

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