Signs that you’re trapped in a one sided relationship Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee August 5, 2021

Signs that you’re trapped in a one sided relationship

A one-sided relationship or unrequited love can be defined as a relationship that lacks balance and equal reciprocation from both ends. It’s usually when one person tries to meet the other 90% of the way, while the other only makes 10% effort. 

Unrequited love has been glamorized in our generation. Don’t get me wrong, not every relationship is said to be one-sided but the fact that most of the people are “okay” with one-sided relationships is upsettingly sad!

It can be quite exhausting, both mentally and emotionally for someone who takes most of the initiative, invests more time and energy while there is hardly any reciprocation from the other end.

What causes one-sided relationships?

Most of them don’t even realise that they’re taken for granted and find themselves in a tough spot. This can often be traced back to the family origin where there were hardly any boundaries set and there were a lot of chaotic dynamics in the family. 

Confrontation or being upfront about your emotions seems impossible in such families and hence these people often find it difficult to confront in their adulthood as well, unless they “unlearn” through different forms of self-development or seek professional help.

Here are some signs of a one-sided relationship

– You always find yourself reaching out first and fear that if you stop messaging or reaching out, then that would be the end of the friendship/relationship

– You don’t feel absolutely comfortable around them and feel like faking it, in order to please them

– You don’t understand what to expect from their end since they’re filled with inconsistency and hardly make any efforts

– They don’t take time to have deep or detailed conversations with you. 

– You feel constantly emotionally drained for always providing and not receiving anything in return. 

– They’re only around when they need a friend but never there when you need them around.

One-sided friendships or relationships can be really dicey and tricky to handle if you fall on the receiving end but if you do, then I hope you realize that YOU deserve the affection, care and comfort you provide to others! 

It is always best to let some people go, rather than losing yourself while trying to keep someone else in your life. 

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