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4,500.00 including GST

Science says it takes 3 weeks to acquire a new habit, another 6 weeks to nurture it, and on an average a full 12 weeks from start to finish to fully embrace it as your lifestyle!


Does that feel too long? Unsustainable, you think? Don’t worry, we got you!


Backed with ample research on fitness and dietary habits, our in-house experts have curated this 12-week transformation bootcamp that follows a phased A3 approach, giving you and your body enough time to not only learn new habits but also transform them into a lifelong practice! 


Activate -> Accelerate -> Absolute


This program will set you on a path of achievable goals, focus on overall body metamorphosis, yet also allowing for customisation based on the progress you make!


* No refunds as this is a downloadable product


Personalised Diet Plan

  • Diet plan is 100% personalised to your goals, likes, lifestyle and timings
  • 4 iterations can be made to the diet chart
  • Diet charts are also provided for specific medical conditions and festivals, including periods of fasting

Training Plan

  • Curated workout program with pre-recorded specialised videos for each day of the week
  • Workouts performed by head trainer of Fitbee and a member of IAF 
  • Live workout sessions over Zoom on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Live workouts are a closed group session for women only (Trainers may vary) 

Support & Feedback

  • Weekly one-on-one dietitian consultation
  • Trainer consultation (upon request) 
  • Chat support
  • Nutrition tracker to keep you on track
  • Weight and measurement tracker to measure your progress every week

 All for just Rs. 4,500 for 12 weeks

1. How will this plan benefit me?
This is a customised plan designed for women who wants to develop a healthy lifestyle. You will focus on weight loss, fat loss and toning your body in these 12 weeks.

2. Will I be able to perform the HIIT Workouts?
The workouts are created for women who have worked out before and also for those who have never worked out before. Its suitable for all fitness levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

3. What support will I get from your side?
You will have your very own Fitbee Buddy who will be there by your side throughout your fitness journey. Your Fitbee buddy will support you, motivate you and help you out at any time.

4. Will there be a trainer for me?
A trainer with over 10 years of experience will be there for you and will be tracking your progress along with giving you tips for improvement.

5. How will I be helped for my diet in this plan?
A complete nutrition guide will be provided to you along with a nutrition tracker to track your daily eating habits.

6. Will I get a chance to connect with the dietitian?
Yes, you will get to have consultation calls with your dietitian who will also guide you and give you feedback on areas you can improve.

7. What to do if I fall sick and cannot continue?
If you fall sick and cannot continue, we will pause the plan for you and you can resume it when you recover.

8. Will I be provided with ready to eat meals?
We do not send out ready to eat meals but we do provide you with healthy bonus recipes which you can cook and relish on.

9. What guarantee are you giving on how much weight I can lose?
Transformation for each person varies. We have helped over 1500 clients to get fit and healthy. Our general average ranges anywhere between 3-8 kgs in 4 weeks. The plan has been designed to give the best possible results.

8 reviews for THE 12 WEEK PLAN

  1. Zara

    I did this plan so long ago. I still feel good about it. I was a beginner to workouts and I didn’t know what to do. I am glad I took Fitbee plan

  2. Sneha

    Me consulting Fitbee for the 12 week program was the best thing that ever I did as they have helped me strengthen my leg after coming from an ACL tear. I feel very confident now as I’m able to play sports 🏀 again after the injury.
    Thanks a lot Fitbee!

  3. Aleena

    This program helped me reduce my weight in a span of 12 weeks and I’m so glad that I had found Fitbee, and this ultimately helped me clear my medicals for the Air Force!
    Thanks a lot Fitbee.

  4. Priya

    It’s an amazing plan for women who are obese or are suffering from any hormonal issues. This program helped me in get fit in my life and I’m very happy with their service!

  5. Kavitha

    It’s a very structured plan to start your fitness program. 12 weeks is a perfect time to get yourself into the fitness routine.

  6. Marina

    This program made me look confident by helping me reduce my weight and get fit in a natural and healthy way.

  7. Shilpa gautam (verified owner)

    I have join fitbee.. 1 month back.. and start seeing amazing result…. Diet and exercise both are perfect… And they also give us our personal mentor.. to guite us on regular basis. I am with fitbee

  8. Priya (verified owner)

    Completed my 12 weeks today. It was a wonderful journey. Lost 14.2kgs in 3 months. From 103.9 to 89.7. One message to them really changed my lifestyle and my eating habits.

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