TBH Full Range Veggie Symphony

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This pack contains one packet each of the Purple Sweet Potato (90 gm), Golden Sweet Potato (90 gm), Herbed Taro (85 gm), Spiced Okra (25 gm), Crunchy Tomato (28 gm) and Crispy Beetroot (60 gm). The snacks are made of 100% real vegetables from the freshest produce. Each pack is high on nutrients and fibre, and retains the natural colour of the raw vegetable. The are low on fat and calories, these unique flavourful vegetable chips combo is perfect for your everyday snack indulgences. All of them are gluten free and vegan friendly except for the Taro chips, which contains milk solids

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Portion size: A child between 4 and 12 years may consume a quarter of a pack through the day whereas older children may snack on half a pack. Our recommendation is one pack a day for the entire family.

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