Burn Fat with Fat

1,250.00 including GST

Hello and welcome to Fitbee’s 30 Day Fat Loss Challenge. It’s time to change your body and get into a superb fitness routine specially designed for Indian women. This is a fat loss program that has workouts fused HIIT and core strengthening exercises.

-DIY Fat Loss Plan
-Become Fitter & Healthier
-Convenient and Fun Workouts
-No Equipment, HIIT Workouts
-Sample Diet Plan & Nutrition Guide
-Track Weekly Progress with Measurement Tracker

* No refunds as this is a downloadable product



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this challenge right for me?

Whether you are looking to lose fat or tone your body, this plan is perfect for you. It is suitable for all levels of fitness…beginners, internediate and advanced.

Do I need to purchase any equipment?

No, all you need is a towel to wipe sweat and a bottle of water.

WIll there be live online sessions?

Once you subscribe, you will be added to a WhatsApp group where the workouts and sample diet charts will be shared. There are no live sessions.

How much does the plan cost?

Rs. 750 excluding GST.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Transformation for each person depends on several factors like lifestyle, diet, genetics. We have helped over 1500 clients to get fit and healthy. Our programs are designed to give the best possible results.

After the challenge will I gain the weight back?

Once you finish, your coach will give you maintenance tips. You may also subscribe to our multiple fitness plans to continue staying healthy.

Does Fitbee plans include use of drugs or steroids?

We are strictly against the usage of drugs and steroids.


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