Little things, Big Relief: for a speedy recovery from Covid-19! Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee June 2, 2021

Little things, Big Relief: for a speedy recovery from Covid-19!

Who knew we would be dealing with a pandemic for two straight years! Sigh…  

We have all been locked up in our houses since March 2020! The coronavirus outbreak has challenged us physically and has undoubtedly impacted our mental health to a great extent. 

The second wave in India has been even more difficult for everybody out there – no matter the age group – no one has been spared!  

You took all the necessary precautions, yet you got infected…  

Don’t panic though – you’re not alone in that.  

The world is suffering, but we’ll fight this together! 

We see you and we hear you! 

We’re researched and brought to you some home remedies that “when done in moderation” can help you recover from the after-effects of Covid-19.  

Take steam once a day – this ensures that your system gets enough steam to keep you warm from inside and gives relief from the cough and cold type of symptoms. 

Drink kadha once a day – this magical immunity-boosting drink can actually help you recover soon. Kaadha contains natural herbs that help in killing bacterial infections.  

Do some stretching daily – ee know it’s difficult for some of you to get up and exercise due to excessive weakness, however 10-15mins of stretching can immensely help with body feel active, and get you out of the loop of fatigue. 

Do breathing exercises daily – practice simple breathing techniques for about 10mins daily, as this helps maintain the body’s oxygen flow and will aids in your speedy recovery. 

Drink plenty of water – water not only keeps you hydrated and fresh but also removes the harmful toxins from your body especially during fever. 

Intake vitamin-C rich diet – itvamin-C is known to increase immunity power. You can eat fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges, guava, etc., but remember in moderation. Eat 2 fruits a day.  

You can also take vitamin C supplements for those 15 days of self-quarantine. 

Intake food that is easy to digest-  you can eat khichdi or soup that is easy on the gut health yet tastes good. 

Get enough sleep – lastly, chuck the Netflix binge or that infinite Instagram scroll, and get to bed early! It’s ok to sleep a little extra when yous body is making a recovery.  

Get Well Soon, and Stay Safe! Fitbee is sending all its readers light & love!  

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