Indian Gooseberry: a superfood for women! Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee June 8, 2021

Indian Gooseberry: a superfood for women!

Let’s start with the basics!  

What is the Indian Gooseberry?

Indian Gooseberry – known as Amla in Hindi, is also called Amritphal or Dhatriphal in Ayurveda. It has been used as a medicine since the vedic period. Grown in India and other neighbouring countries, the fruit has gained a following throughout the world as the ‘superfruit’!  

This is a small fruit with very many benefits that largely remains unnoticed and underrated!  

General health benefits 

Amla is known to have medicinal properties that with the right dosage can help relieve respiratory diseases like cough, and phlegm, and elimitate leprosy! It is used to cure digestive ailmets and even jaundice.  

It also purifies the blood, provides relief in diarrheadiabetes, and any common burning sensations. Consumption of this fruit in moderate quantities can help make bowel movement easier.  

How to consume this fruit?  

Amla can be consumed in many ways, such as amla juice, amla powder, amla pickle, etc. You must have also heard about Amla Tel (gooseberry oil), haven’t you? 

Amla Tel used externally is excellent for hair growth – it not only nourishes your scalp but also adds an extra shine to your hair, making it more silky and smooth. It also prevents hair fall and white hair. 

How is Amla beneficial for women’s health?  

Amla rich in vitamins and minerals makes for a magical fruit, especially for women! Here are some key health benefits of consuming amla: 

  • During periods it can help compensate for the iron deficiency due to excess bleeding  
  • It prevents iron, calcium, and vitamin C deficiency 
  • It reduces the incidence of uterine fibroid 
  • It discourages the growth of tumors  

Next time you’re out buying groceries, don’t forget to buy a bunch of these and add it to your diet!  

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