How to become your own inspiration? Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee April 6, 2021

Inspiration can come from many things in life, a person, a journey, one’s achievements, etc. But can you seek inspiration from your own self?

It doesn’t sound right, but yes, it’s true.
You can be an inspiration for yourself.
You don’t need external factors to influence you.

Here’s how you can do it –

Look back at your past achievements. Remember those times when things were going tough and you were losing all hope but still managed to keep up your spirit. Just have a glance back and feel proud of how far you have come.

Secondly, praise and pamper yourself for every little milestone that you achieve. Gift yourself something nice and treat yourself with a favourite food. Always be grateful for whatever you possess, not everyone has what you currently have.

Thirdly, always learn from your mistakes. Because who doesn’t make mistakes? We all do, right? So don’t feel guilty and don’t hate yourself for the things you’ve done in the past. Instead, learn from them and implement positive changes accordingly.

Lastly, always remember that you’re worth it and you deserve all the happiness. Be your own inspiration and try to become a better version of yourself each day.

Once you practice gratitude and learn to follow all the above-mentioned things, you won’t feel the need for external motivation. Every time you’ll look in the mirror, you will see the reflection of your past mistakes, achievements, and success that you have. You will see the biggest inspiration right in front of you.

All you need to do is take a pause, think about the time when you had nothing, and now when you have completely transformed yourself into a better person altogether. Take a moment to appreciate your efforts and feel proud of everything you have now.

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