How the lockdown is getting young parents and their children healthier

In a world where most of us were running around throughout the day to compete with the hustle and bustle of life (I am talking about the pre-coronavirus age), the lockdown due to the coronavirus a.k.a Covid-19 has brought about a major change in lifestyle. For many young parents across the world, spending time with their family and loved in the pre-coronavirus era was a luxury. Staying at home throughout the day, which was unheard of earlier except on Sundays, is now a necessity which is bringing the entire family closer, and also making them healthier.

While the current situation in the world is largely looked at through a negative lens, it is of utmost importance that we remain upbeat and positive which will help us in successfully coping with the crisis. An increasing number of families are using this time to come out of their previously ‘autopilot’ lives, and are working on making all the little things better, that will eventually make a big difference to their happiness and well-being.

Being a fitness trainer primarily focussing on kids health and well-being, I have lately been tagged in an unusually large number of messages on Instagram with the hashtags #WorkoutWithKids #FunFamilyTime #FitFam and so on. This tells me that parents are encouraging their kids to workout more, and more importantly are participating in the activities themselves.

I am a father to a 4-year old and in the past, I have been guilty too of focusing on work beyond regular hours. However, due to the lockdown, I am now making a conscious effort to spend more time with the family and I feel happier than ever. Here are some of the things I recommend you to do:

Sit together for meals
Throughout my childhood, breakfast and dinner was always with the family. Apart from being socially engaging, it is scientifically proven that our metabolism improves and we become more active when we eat timely meals. As I got older and moved to university, this took a backseat. Now we are back to eating, sharing and laughing together everyday.

Household chores
Isn’t it so much fun watching your little one walk around the house with a broomstick or mop, or wash the car, or clean their rooms. This releases a lot of their pent up energy while also teaching children the concept of responsibility and helping them be more self-reliant as adults.

Working out
This is where I have seen the biggest change in people. Even parents who were reluctant to include any sort of fitness routine in their life now understand the importance of staying healthy and fit, mainly to build a good immune system. And what better way to set an example to your children than working out in front of them, or even better, getting involved in their workout. Starting young always helps, and this is a great opportunity for all children to start a structured form of fitness in addition to regular playtime.

Spending time with your child in the kitchen teaches them a new skill. It also gives them a chance for the younger ones to showcase their numeracy skills while also learning to follow directions to a particular recipe. They can measure, count, learn to sequence and finally get to test their result by tasting the final product.

These are just a few points that I’ve jotted down which you can implement daily with your children, and your entire family. Always remember that every dark day has a silver lining. It is up to us to make the most of our situation and come out of the entire experience as better human beings.

Note: It is important to note that not all of us are lucky to be with our families. There are loads of migrant workers who are struggling to get to their families, numerous healthcare professionals, sanitisation workers and people from different walks of life who are fighting the pandemic on a daily basis. I request everyone to think about them and offer a prayer for their well-being.

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