Ever Heard of Skin Hunger! Prathima Koppolu August 29, 2021

Ever Heard of Skin Hunger!

Did you know that Skin Hunger exists and is related to our mental well-being? 

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It usually sends a signal to the brain which then interprets a particular touch as good or bad. When you engage in a pleasant touch, then our brain releases a hormone called oxytocin! So when you end up watching an adorable RomCom movie and end up feeling extremely emotional or happy, that’s also the work of this hormone.

What exactly is Skin Hunger? 

Skin Hunger, also termed as Touch starvation, is basically a condition that occurs when you do not receive as much physical touch that you’re usually used to. You crave contact but you find yourself in a difficult position to communicate the same as well. 

Humans crave the most basic things ~ Food, Shelter, Water and things that we don’t really think about but Physical touch, be it just embracing another human being! 

In the last one year, researchers have observed that many people have been feeling this, due to the rise of the Pandemic, because of “social distancing” Due to the sudden arrival of Covid, many students were stuck alone in different cities, away from their family while thousands of people lost their job. 

Pandemic has seen the rise in this, but it also occurs in youngsters, teenagers or even adults, when you’re not surrounded in a healthy or a positive safe environment. 

Some effects of “Skin Hunger” 

When we do not receive enough touch in any form, we usually feel irritated, not only with people or things but with ourselves as well. Over time, we might end up feeling disconnected or isolated, which leads to stress, thereby making you feel anxious. As a response to stress, the body produces a hormone called Cortisol which can increase your heart rate, blood pressure and you might have a tough time breathing. 

If not dealt with or acknowledged, it can worsen your quality of sleep and you may have a higher risk of infections. Touch starvation not only affects us physically but also has a strong impact on our mental health.

Ways to overcome Skin Hunger! 

Like anything in life, nothing lasts forever! Right? Similarly, Skin Hunger is not something that has to stay with us forever and hence, here are some things that you can do in order to overcome the same. 

  • Spend some quality time with animals/your pets: We often underestimate the power that an adorable puppy or a cat has over us! I’m sure anyone who has a pup can relate. They’re the best cuddle buddy and a great soothing mechanism. 
  • Try out a massage: No one ever said a No for a spa or a beautiful relaxation massage right? Receiving a massage is a great way of releasing stress and also experiencing another person’s touch and it does work! 
  • Try communicating with your loved ones: Like our adorable pets, we also underestimate the power of talking to a close family member or just hugging them for that matter! Take some time out, reach out to your family and try reconnecting about things that matter to you. This would definitely make you feel better and a little more stress-free
  • Give yourself a hug: Since we’re still stuck in a Pandemic, not everyone is lucky enough to visit their loved ones, some of them feel stuck in a different city or country, so the best thing in this moment would be, to be gentle with yourself. Touch your skin, give yourself a tight hug, a sweet massage on your hands and feet or anything that would help you relax! Self-soothing is a great technique to release some stress too
  • Try a fun dance routine!: Not everyone is comfortable talking to a loved one, so here’s what you might like! Set your room with some dim lights, connect your speaker and dance crazy! Or try slow dancing with a friend or your partner as this is a great way to build a skin-to-skin contact, only if you’re comfortable.

There are plenty of ways to overcome Skin Hunger, though it might be a little tough and uncomfortable but these activities would help you reconnect with yourself or with a loved one too! Hope you find these helpful. 💛

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