Inspiration can come from many things in life, a person, a journey, one’s achievements, etc. But can you seek inspiration from your own self? It doesn’t sound right, but yes, it's true.You can be an inspiration for yourself.You don't need external factors to influence you. Here's how you can do it - Look back at your past achievements. Remember those times when things were going tough and you were losing all hope but

In this present scenario, thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, we find ourselves in a situation where we often feel anxious, drained and stressed out. Stress could be anything such as relationship stress, workload, deadlines, exams etc. While there are many people who experience anxiety and panic attacks quite often, thanks to social taboos, tend to neglect it which makes the condition even worse. However, you can always take out some time for

PCOS is a condition where women go through a lot of hormonal imbalances, mood swings, etc. In such a condition, if you spend most of your time sitting at one place, such as using your PC, then it may pull a trigger which may impact your mental as well as physical health leaving you very tired.Instead, it is advised to opt for physical activities such as a balanced workout routine,

Healthy eating and fitness of the body is the secret to good health and a long life. But, because of our chaotic lifestyles, we overlook this simple truth and end up feeling worn-out with hardly any energy to make it through the day. But there is hope. There are a number of ways in which you can fit healthy eating in your hectic schedule and unwrap years of indulgence. While

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