Disclaimer: This is a difficult read, but one that every parent/guardian should be aware of. Depression in teenagers is more common than you may know, in fact it affects one in five kids before they hit adulthood. As per a September 2019 study, as many as 40,000 students have committed suicide in the last five years, in India alone. One in four teenagers suffer from depression. While these numbers continue to

Since most of us around the world are confined to working from home, it is imperative that we remain disciplined and maintain active lifestyles. It is of great significance for parents to educate their children to stay healthy, by dedicating at least 60 minutes everyday (just 4% of the day or one episode of your favorite TV show) to help boost your child's mood, and keep them happy throughout the

In a world where most of us were running around throughout the day to compete with the hustle and bustle of life (I am talking about the pre-coronavirus age), the lockdown due to the coronavirus a.k.a Covid-19 has brought about a major change in lifestyle. For many young parents across the world, spending time with their family and loved in the pre-coronavirus era was a luxury. Staying at home throughout

As more COVID-19 cases continue to emerge throughout the world, most of us have been advised to stay at home in self-quarantine. Whether it is children or adults, staying at home for prolonged periods of time can pose a significant risk to the physical and emotional health of an individual. Physical activity and simple relaxation techniques are invaluable in helping you remain calm and protect your health during this time. For

To all my fitness enthusiast friends A few weeks without going to the gym, studio or your favorite workout session will not hamper your goals in the long run. Remember, fitness is not a short vacation, it’s a long journey that requires immense commitment. During my time in the fitness industry, I’ve come across people who work out for months, years and decades to get where they are. And even then,

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