Benefits of Pumpkin seeds for women with PCOS Avinash Rajapet - Program Director & Head Trainer, Fitbee May 18, 2021

What are Pumpkin seeds? 

Pumpkin seeds are flat, edible, egg-shaped seeds also known as “Pepita” – a Mexican Spanish term. They have a white layer on the outside but the seeds are light green on the inside. They are considered wholesome and highly nutritive!  

They date back to the ancient Greeks and Native Americans, so they’ve been around a long time! Once removed from the flesh of a pumpkin, you can rinse and roast them for further consumption. 

Pumpkin seeds and PCOS 

Pumpkin seeds are the PCOS diet’s nutritional powerhouse in a tiny package!  

These seeds are highly nourishing, and have been given the tag of a superfood for women, and especially beneficial for those with conditions like PCOS.  

PCOS brings its own set of diet restrictions for women trying to beat the condition, but including these pumpkin seeds in their diet during those times of hormonal imbalances can help improve health.  

The benefits of pumpkin seeds for women with PCOS are: 

  • Helps reduce hair loss 
  • Contains essential fatty acids 
  • Helps reduce cholesterol 
  • Good source of magnesium 
  • Decreases the risk of osteoporosis in women after their menopause 

Since they are a rich source of magnesium, they are excellent for bone formation. Apart from this, they are a natural source of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps to improve sleep patterns. Women with PCOS can have a spoonful of pumpkin seeds before going to bed for better sleep! 

How to include Pumpkin seeds in your diet?  

There are many ways in which you can include pumpkin seeds in your diet. You can eat them raw or roasted!   

Quantities to eat – Only a spoonful, no more! 

Few ways to include pumpkin seeds in your diet are –  

Just sprinkle them on your salads & soups or blend them into your smoothie. You can also mix them in your oatmeal or puddings.  You can either garnish them on top of your shakes or just grind them in your sauces & chutneys. This way you can benefit the most from this superfood! 

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